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What is a Sensual Massage

What is a Sensual Massage

Posted on Nov-24, 2015 - 5:23 AM - by Massage Directory UK

You've probably heard a lot of different things about what sensual massages are and we're here to set the record straight.

Many refer to it as a "tantric massage” or an "erotic massage,” but a sensual massage involves the arousal of your full body to the point where you feel so good that you can orgasm.

We Learn the Value of Touch the Moment

This intentional feeling is given by a professional masseur that is often nude to allow for body to body touching, which heightens a sensual massage and allows for the receiver to feel erotically turned on (of course, if they choose this).

So although there might be aspects of erotic and tantric massage elements to a sensual massage, the true definition will vary from person to person.

But whatever the case is, a sensual massage is therapeutic for many and will promote relaxation through traditional massage movements, but in a more sensual way.

A masseur will relax one's muscles and provide arousal with a light touch of their fingers and nails all over one's body, including their privates if desired.

They'll seduce one's body with gentle touches as they allow the receiver to relax their mind and body and focus only the massage that they are being given.

As human beings, we yearn and need to be touched; it's a natural instinct. We learn the value of touch the moment that we're born, and a sensual massage focuses on this need.

Achieving arousal and orgasm from such sensual touches is a natural thing and those looking for a sensual massage in London should not be ashamed of such a primal feeling.

Arousal is just stress, tension or anxiety leaving the body, leaving one feeling relaxed, refreshed and calm.

Sensual Massages are Unnatural and Dirty?

Although many might think that sensual massages are unnatural or "dirty” and something they should be ashamed of, sensual massages can be exactly what they need when traditional forms of relaxation don't work.

Anyone can benefit from a sensual massage in London, although it might take some getting used to for some who aren't as open with their sexuality as others.

It may be easier for men to enjoy sensual massages, but many women have found them to be quite enjoyable and relaxing.

You just really need to be open-minded and ready for the amazing sensations a sensual massage will provide your body.

While a sensual massage might not be for many, you'd be surprised how much more relaxing and therapeutic they can be over traditional massages!

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